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  1. Freezing point of Aviation Fuel

  2. Silver corrosion by aviation Fuels

  3. Calorirneters-Bomb, junkers Gas,
    Peroxide, Adiabatic

  4. Flash point Apparatus-Ponsky, Cleveland, Abel, Tag.

  5. Redwood Viscometer No. 1 & 2

  6. Viscometer- Engler, Saybolt, Flow cups, Zahn, mischels failing sphere, Failing ball

  7. Cloud & Pour point apparatus

  8. Carbon Residue apparatus'-conradson, Rams bottom

  9. Kinematic Viscometer bath for 'U' Tube Viscometer.

  10. Glass'U'Tube Viscometers 

  11. Centrifuges Oil Testing

  12. Sulphur by-Lamp method, Bomb method 

  13. Smoke point apparatus 

  14. Burning Test lamp

  15. Dernuisification apparatus for Lubricating Oil

  16. Apparatus for lead in Gasoline

  17. Apparatus for Acidity by Extractioin

  18. Acidity Testing Kit of Transformer Oil

  19. Calorimeter asper IS : 335 for Transformer

  20. Copper strip corrosion Test Apparatus

  21. Distillation Apparatus for Petroleum Products, Crude Petroleum

  22. Aniline point apparatus

  23. Dean & Stark apparatus for moisture in Lubricating Oil

  24. Karl fisher apparatus for estimation of moisture in Oil  

  25. Reid Vapour Pressure test

  26. OxidationTestapparatus-TransformerOil - Lubricating Oil - Gasoline - Inhibited mineral Turbine Oils.

  27. Petroleum Hydrometer- Density or sp. gr. 

  28. Bath of Existent gum for 5 Test

  29. Rust Preventing characteristics of steam
    Turbine Oil

  30. Dilution of Gasoline Engine Crank case Oil

  31. Sediment by Extraction of Crude & Fuel

  32. Sulphonation Flask

  33. Apparatus for Asphaitness

  34. Vapour Pressure Bomb

  35. Estimation of Neutralisation value apparatus

  36. Estimation of Bromine Number

  37. Stability of Steam Turbine Oils

  38. Union Calorimeter for colour Standard

  39. ASTM colour Comparator & Disc

  40. Estimation of emulsion Test of cutting Oils

  41. Electrical Strength Tester of Transformer

  42. Foaming Charateristies of Turbine Oils

  43. Ageing Test Oven for Transformer Oils

  44. Stroking Test apparatus for Brake Fluids

Bomb Calorimeter

Pour Point Apparatus

Carbon Residue Apparatus

Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Constant Temperature Bath

Auto Carl Fisher

Ramsbotom Carbon Residue App.

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Karl Fisher Titration

Cleveland Flash Point

Redwood Viscometer